Food Packaging And Sensory Analysis

Report on Food Packaging And Sensory Analysis


Business organization now a days focuses on the packaging and labelling of the products so that they can attract number of customers towards companies services. The food industry pack the items so that they can protect them from the external environment. Packaging is a factor through which the enterprise can advertise and promote their products. Further, they will be able to create a strong base of customers and they can also earn profits in the market. If packaging is proper then people will be able to know about the information of goods. The present report is based on HP Food Limited which perform its operations in food industry. They focuses on the packaging of their products (Robertson, 2016). The below mentioned report is based on the packaging of the products that help the firm in order to achieve their objectives. Along with this, it also explains that how these factors may influence the evaluation test. Furthermore, it also explains that how decisions can be evaluated and test can be used by an enterprise.


The current demand for packaged food

The demand of the packaged food is increasing in the market and through this companies global image is also get improved (Mahalik and Nambiar, 2010). Along with the income of people their need for packaged good is also increased. Now people are conscious for their health so they prefer to buy goods that have proper packaging because through this they will be able save their health from the outside world. Now packaging of the commodities is different from the last 20 to 30 years at that time people are not that much conscious for their health. In the past years, the scope of the internet is not wide so companies will not be able to offer their services at global level. So, they don’t focus on the packaging (Duncan, 2011).

The main packaging materials used in the food processing industry

HP Food Limited can use some of the packaging materials in order to pack the products so that overall goals can be accomplished. The right kind of material and technology can improve the brand image of the firm because through this quality of the products can be maintained. Some of these material are glass, metal, plastics, paper and paper board (Hawkes, 2010). By using these stuff, a retail industry pack the products so that safety of the food can be increased. The manager can also conduct a research in the market so that they will be able to identify the factors that may affect the packaging of the food (The functions of packaging.2011).

How packaging is useful for the industry

The packaging of the products is important for the food industry because through this they will be able to protect the goods (Silvestre, Duraccio and Cimmino, 2011). If packaging is good then its quality can be maintained for a longer period and along this their safety can be ensured. Through this, the industry can protect the food item from the chemical and biological factors. Along with this, this will also reduce the wastage of food items in the environment and it save the good from the environmental factors. It will increase the convenience for the users and it minimize the efforts of the customers. Innovative packaging can increase the sales in the market and through this consumers will be able to know about the features of the products.

Packaging is depends upon the food item

HP Food Limited has to pack their items on the basis of the type of food so that their freshness can be retained for a long time (Yam and Lee, 2012). There are some items like vegetables, high fat content products and high moisture products. The packaging of these items are difficult for the food industry because they have to attract more consumers by providing them healthy and safe products. Through these, they will be able to improve their global business in an efficient manner.

Describe the layer and purpose of the packaging

UHT milk is the most common product that is consumed by the people of United Kingdom. For this, the firm use pasteurized process so that quality of the product can be ensured and for its packaging the food industry uses tetra pak shelf safe carton (Siracusa, 2012). Some of the layers of this product are the first layer of this product seals in the liquid, adhesion layer, aluminium foil, paper and last it covered in the top layer. The purpose of this type of packaging is to provide the safe and healthy products to the customers. Through this, transportation of the heavy products can be easy for the food industry.

Achieve a long life product with an approximate shelf life of 6 to 9 months

The packaging of products is an important tool that is used by the food industry so that they can save their goods from the environmental changes, pollution, manufacturing date and expiry date. These organization can use MAP(modified atmosphere packaging) technique so that products can be preserved for a long time. In this technique, the firm insert the gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen in order to preserve the products (Kirwan and Strawbridge, 2011). On the basis of this the company can offer fresh and safe food items to the people of the country for a long period.

Compare the packaging of different products

There are three types of packaging of the products with proper labelling so that customers will be able to know about the product information. The first one is showing the packaging of the products in cane and its outer layer is made by the metal. The another product is showing the packing of the products in a plastic wrapper on which all the information is given about the product. In the last product the product is packed in a glass bottle with the proper information. Through these packaging the food can be preserved.

For MAP packaging processes describe the effect of the each gas

In MAP technology, the firm uses the different gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in order to preserve the product for a long time. When these gases get mixed with each other then they only they can preserve the goods for their customers. Along with this, this mixture is depend upon the type of product and their packaging (Food Packaging Materials.2017). Through these chemicals product can be preserved for a long duration (Mihindukulasuriya and Lim, 2014). Furthermore, on its packaging the firm can provide the information regarding to the products its manufacturing and expiry date.

Packaging methods and technologies designed to extend shelf life

Greggs plc can use different type of packaging methods and technologies so that self life can be extended of the products. The food industry can use field packing, shed packing and repacking in order to provide the products through the world. These packaging should be used by the organization so that food items can be protected from the virus, bacteria and listeria. If food products are in the contact of the environment than through the environmental factors these pathogens can be grow in the products (Raheem, 2013). The freshness of the product can be identified by the sensory organs.

What improvements can you foresee occurring in the packaging industry?

In future, these packaging industry can gain success in the market as compare to other market players. Through this the food industry will be able to increase the level of satisfaction among all the customers. Supply chain network can be designed in a more efficient manner so that their overall performance can be improved (Williams and Wikström, 2011). Relationship between customers and organization can be improved. Furthermore, companies will be able to increase their profits and decrease the cost. On the basis of some factors the food industry will be able to improve their actual performance as compare to the standards.

What are some of the factors that can impact on a foods quality even before it is packaged?

The quality of food is get affected due to some factors these can be related to the environment, moisture, atmosphere and temperature. When products are manufactured then the manager of HP Food Limited has to focus on these factors so that safe products can be delivered to the customers. Along with this, he has to focus on the sensory factors so that its quality can be ensured in an efficient manner. These all factors should be managed properly so that overall quality of the food item can be improved (Jung, Puligundla and Ko, 2012).

Good practices allow us to work well within a culturally diverse workplace

Every business organization perform its operations in the environment so that overall needs of the customers can be fulfilled. Some of the practices that are performed by the food industry such as top leadership commitments, recruitment, succession planning and diversity training. Through these approaches the firm will be able to perform well in the culturally diverse workplace and accomplish all their objectives (Blanco and Siracusa, 2013). The manager of HP Food Limited can involve its employees in the decision making process so that overall performance can be improved. Through training process, employees will be able to provide quality services to their customers.


A. A layout diagram of the packaging including dimensions

B. Description of labelling information to be included on the packaging

When HP Food Limited launch their new product in the market with an effective packaging then through this they will be able to create a strong base of customers. Along with an effective packaging the technologist has to focus on the labelling so that consumer will be able to know about the product (Stumbo, 2013). Some information that should be included in the labelling and these are name of the food, manufactured date, expiry date and quantity information. Along with these, some information can also be given on the front, side and back of the product. The other information is like ingredients, name and address of the manufacture, the lot number, any special storage conditions, instruction for cooking and so on.

C. What is required of the package in regards to function and convenience

There are some functions of the packaging through which the food industry will be able to achieve its specified goals. Some of these functions are related to the protection, storage, transport, sales, promotional, service and guarantee of the products. By using the concept of packaging, HP Food Limited will be able to provide quality services to their customers. Packaging should be effective so that they will be able to attract number of customers towards their services. Furthermore, consumers will be able to get the healthy and safe products. If proper labelling is given on the product then people will be able to get the information and it is more convenience for them (Ercolini, 2013).